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Hair Mist 30 Days Combo

Hair Mist 30 Days Combo

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Fermented Rice Water has been a proven elixir for hair growth for centuries. When combined with Coffee, Bhringraj & Amla. Nuskhe by Paras Ayurvedic Overnight Hair Growth Fermented Rice mist may blow your mind, it may helps in making your hair smoother and reduces hair fall, results it may start giving you within a short period of time, helps eliminate dandruff and boosts hair volume. 

Caution: Since everyone has a different scalp texture. Before using the entire amount, we advise you to test the product on a small area first.

Customer Care at +91-78600 00768, available from 10 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Saturday)

Product Details

Nuskhe by Paras Fermented Rice Water hair mist is a hair care product that is made from the water that is leftover after soaking or boiling rice. Rice water has been used for centuries as a hair care ingredient due to its high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that nourish the hair and promote healthy growth.

Fermentation is the process by which bacteria and yeast break down the carbohydrates and proteins in the rice water, creating lactic acid. This lactic acid helps to balance the pH level of the scalp, which can help to prevent dandruff, dryness, and other scalp conditions. Additionally, the fermented rice water is rich in amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. These amino acids penetrate the hair shaft, helping to strengthen and repair damaged hair.

Overall, fermented rice water hair mist may be an excellent choice for anyone looking to nourish and revitalize their hair. Its high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants makes it an ideal ingredient for promoting healthy hair growth and maintaining the overall health of the scalp and hair. Enjoy our 30 Days Combo Of 2 Rice Hair Mists

Helps In

✶ Reduce hair fall.
✶ Make hair smoother & lustrous.
✶ Reduce thinning of hair & helps in increasing hair volume.
✶ Repair damaged hair & aids in promoting hair growth.
✶ Make hair less frizzy, easier to style & straighter in appearance.

How to use?

1. Spray an adequate amount on your scalp and hair as per your requirement.
2. Gently Massage with your fingertips and leave overnight.
3. Rinse off in the morning with Water.

What we put in

• Keratin, Wheat Protein, Coffee beans, Amla, Bhringraj, Aloe vera, Neem
• Fermented Rice = Hair growth
• Coffee + Bhringraj + Amla = Hairfall control
• Keratin + Wheat Protein = Strong Hair Follicles


Q: How long does it take to show results?
A: The time it takes to show results can vary depending on the individual's skin type. Generally, it may take 5-6 weeks. Patience and regular application are key.

Q: Are there any precautions or potential side effects of using rice mist?
A: Rice Hair Mist is generally safe to use, but it’s important to be aware of any potential allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients. If you have a known allergy or sensitivity, check the ingredient list before using rice mist.

Legal Information

Marketed By:
Nature Touch Nutrition
Dashmesh Nagar, Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141003

Manufactured By:
Unico Pharmaceuticals
Khasra no. 487, Village Dugri
Teh. Payal Distt. Ludhiana
141421(An ISO 9001:2015 GMP Certified Co.)

Best Before
24 Months From MFG Date

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nihar Mishra

One of the best product I have ever used, delivered in proper time and I am verymuch satisfied after using it every body should buy this product .

Riyaj .
Best product

I'm used 3yeaer

Ruchi Srivastava

it has a nice fragrance, its been 15 days while using and I can feel the changes. its good product

Mudasir Ahmad

Hair Mist 30 Days Combo

Rashid bhat

Hair Mist 30 Days Combo