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Yog Nidra ✽ Solid Perfume ✽ For Men & Women

Yog Nidra ✽ Solid Perfume ✽ For Men & Women

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||  Yog Nidra || 

Scents & sleep have a deep spiritual connection. With a blend of lavender and a mix of calming scents, Nuskhe by Paras Yog Nidra is designed to use ancient Ayurvedic wisdom to put you in a peaceful state of mind. Yoga Nidra, for a deep, restful, relaxing sleep.

Night solid perfume is a concentrated fragrance with a balm-like texture that can be easily applied on pulse points for a long-lasting scent. Its compact size makes it travel-friendly, and the absence of alcohol means it's gentler on the skin.

✻ NOTE:- People with sensitive skin are advised to perform a patch test. If a rash, redness, or itching appears, stop using it.

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Product Details

100% Premium Quality Product

An exclusive range of aromatic fragrances, it is highly long-lasting and keeps you on the go. Made using premium quality components, it is safe for your skin and also ensures soul-stirring rejuvenation.

Helps In

✺ Non-toxic
✺ Easy to layer
✺ No spills or leaks
✺ Convenient to use
✺ Long-lasting fragrance
✺ Aids in providing sound sleep

How to use?

With your finger, take a little of the Nuskhe By Paras solid perfume and rub it on the pulse points- below your ears and behind the neck and a little on your wrists.

What we put in

✺ TOP NOTE:- Camphor, Green Leafs
✺ MIDDLE NOTE:- Floral, Lavender
✺ BASE NOTE:- Rose


✵ Can we use Yog Nidra Solid perfume on my clothes?
Primarily, Yog Nidra Solid Perfume is designed to be directly applied to the skin and is not specifically formulated to be used as a fabric fragrance. For optimal performance and longevity of scent on your skin it is recommended to apply it directly to your pulse points rather than directly on clothing.

✵ Is Yog Nidra Solid Perfume suitable for sensitive skin?
In general, most skin types tolerate Yog Nidra Solid Perfume well. However, it is advised to conduct a patch test if in case you have sensitive skin or known allergies.

✵ Why can we not sense the fragrance after some time of application?
Dear Customer,
We appreciate your query. The Solid Perfumes are made up of a composition that makes their fragrance (smell) adaptive to your olfactory (smelling) sense. Thus, after a while, you stop experiencing its fragrance but the people standing nearby sense the strong fragrance.

✵ How should we store Yog Nidra Solid Perfume?
It is best to keep Yog Nidra Solid Perfume out of direct sunlight and extreme heat in order to preserve its quality. The scent will last longer and the balm won't melt if you do this.

Legal Information

Nature Touch Nutrition
Dashmesh Nagar, Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141003

Manufactured By:
Unico Pharmaceuticals
Khasra no. 487, Village Dugri
Teh. Payal Distt. Ludhiana
141421(An ISO 9001:2015 GMP Certified Co.)

Best Before 24 Months From MFG Date

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