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Pyrite Pencil Pendent (Without Chain)

Pyrite Pencil Pendent (Without Chain)

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Unleash Your Inner Money Magnet with the Authentic Pyrite Crystal Pencil Pendant.

This crystal is for money and abundance. Pyrite attracts money, It's not just a pendant; it's a key to wealth and abundance. Let the sparkling Pyrite charm your life with riches and fame. Plus, it's a superhero against negativity, fears, and bad vibes.

Pyrite can help to release negative energy and fears, including fears that may be blocking success. Using it in your everyday life will bring health and wealth to you and your loved ones and keep away negative energies.

Kindly note that images are just a graphical representation of crystals. Size, Shape and Colour may vary at the time of delivery. 

Product Details

About the Product

✨Crack-like lines, fissures, uneven texture or beads and crystals are natural.

✨ If a crystal breaks or snaps in half or in pieces, or sometimes could break while in transport … it does not affect the quality of the crystal. Crystals are naturally brittle and a broken crystal just means now you have more than one piece. Any crystal piece you have is any way broken from a larger chunk.

✨In case your bracelet, pendant, or ring feels like it’s not your size, feel free to get them re-made with a jeweler.

Helps In

✤Boosting energy levels and confidence
✤Enhancing mental clarity and focus
✤Promoting emotional well-being & self-confidence
✤Aiding in the manifestation of goals and abundance
✤Providing protection against negative energy & environmental pollutants.

How to use?

How To Wear: This Pendant can be attached to a keychain, kept in a wallet, hung in a certain room or best worn around the neck.

Recharge: The best way to do that is to keep them in a place that gets moonlight, overnight. You can also put the crystal in salt for at least 15-20 minutes on normal days. On full moon nights let it sit in salt overnight.

Cleansing: Once you receive your crystal, it is essential to do a cleansing and activating ritual to make this crystal YOURS! For that keep it immersed in simple salt for 5-10 minutes.

What we put in

Pyrite is formed in hydrothermal veins, sedimentary rocks, and metamorphic rocks. It requires iron, sulfur, and certain environmental conditions for its formation. Bacterial action can also contribute to its formation in sedimentary rocks.

NOTE: The pyrite jewels on our website are completely natural and raw because we don't polish the crystals so that they can create a barrier against negative energies and promote pure physical and spiritual healing.

➜The weight of the Geode may vary from 50-100g


Q1: Does the pendant come with a chain?
A1: No, the Pyrite Pencil Pendant is sold without a chain, allowing you the flexibility to pair it with your favorite chain or style it as desired.

Q2: Is the Pyrite Pencil Pendant suitable for both men and women?
A2: Yes, this pendant is designed to be unisex, offering a fashionable and versatile accessory for anyone.

Q3: Can I pair the Pyrite Pencil Pendant with other jewelry?
A3: Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match with other jewelry pieces to create a unique and personalized look.

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Nature Touch Nutrition
Dashmesh Nagar, Ludhiana, Ludhiana, Punjab, 141003

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